This is a supervisor-led module. Home visitors who are interested in the module should speak to their site supervisor for more information.

This supervisor-led module will introduce home visitors in Virginia to the Ages and Stages Developmental Screening Questionnaire (ASQ), 3rd Edition, as a means of screening young children from 1 to 66 months of age for potential developmental delays. Developmental Screening is a vital component for home visiting programs serving young children. Screening young children is an effective, efficient way for home visitors to identify potential delays and refer for assessment and treatment when it does the most good—during the crucial early years when the child’s brain and body are developing rapidly.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize the importance of child development screening as a method of monitoring a child’s developmental progress and linking the child to appropriate resources when necessary
  2. Identify some of the barriers to identification of early developmental warning signs (lack of medical home, parental denial)
  3. Articulate the role of screening within home visiting services (including coordination and communication with the Medical Home)
  4. Describe the differences between developmental screening and developmental assessment and diagnosis
  5. Describe the different domains of development screened by the ASQ
  6. Demonstrate ability to correctly administer and score the ASQ to determine a child’s need for further developmental assessment
  7. Describe methods to introduce the concept and process of developmental screening to parents of children enrolled in home visiting programs
  8. Share the results of the developmental screening with parents in a way that promotes understanding, reduces parental anxiety and encourages parents to access the appropriate resources when needed
  9. Offer appropriate resources to the family and child when a child demonstrates potentially delayed development
  10. Maximize the parental involvement in the screening process
  11. Describe minimum recommended administration schedule for each age (periodicity)

Format: Supervisor led