This module covers assessment and safety planning for domestic violence in home visitation. Many home visitation programs struggle with domestic violence screening and referral and with building partnerships with local domestic violence programs. Assessment strategies and tools have been developed to integrate screening for domestic violence more comfortably into home visitation programs. The new federal benchmarks for home visitation require that programs, screen, develop safety plans and track referrals. This module will train family support professionals on how to perform and document these activities as part of routine programming.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify two barriers to family support professionals doing domestic violence assessment with clients
  2. Demonstrate how to discuss limits of confidentiality prior to screening clients for domestic violence
  3. Describe how to use the safety card and Relationship Assessment Tool to screen clients for domestic violence
  4. List action steps in a safety plan that a client can take if she feels unsafe

Format: Online    Time: 35 minutes

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