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Early Impact Virginia is the alliance for family education and support in the home.

Early Impact Virginia (EIV), formerly the Virginia Home Visiting Consortium, advances the delivery of high quality, efficient services that improve the health, social and educational outcomes for new and expecting parents, young children, and their families within safe homes and connected communities so that children grow up healthy and ready to learn.

Early Impact Virginia:

  • GUIDES through coaching, professional development, and technical assistance for high quality services.
  • LEADS in resource development, innovation, efficiency, and advocacy to sustain and expand high quality services.
  • COLLABORATES and coordinates home-based services across public and private agencies for greater impact.
  • FACILITATES RESEARCH through data collection, analysis, and evaluation for continuous improvement and growth.

Member Organizations:

  • CHIP of Virginia

  • Early Head Start

  • Healthy Families

  • Healthy Start/Loving Steps

  • Nurse Family Partnership

  • Parents as Teachers

  • Resource Mothers

Early Childhood Partners:

EIV also partners with child welfare service providers across the state, including:

  • Early Childhood Mental Health Association

  • Early Intervention (DBHDS)

  • James Madison University

  • Project Link (DBHDS)

  • Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Virginia Department of Education

  • Virginia Department of Health

  • Virginia Medicaid (DMAS)

  • Virginia Department of Social Services

For more information on evidence-based home visiting, click here.

A detailed expansion plan for home visiting in Virginia is available here.

Click here for a statewide directory of programs.

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